“Some writers’ poetry touches you and leaves but Dorothy's poetry goes deep into the bone. And while deep inside it becomes the marrow by which you can constantly feed and grow emotionally and spiritually.”   -Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, The Black Angel Cards


“Each time I turn these pages I sense-feel-touch-taste every word. “  -Gayle Fuhr, Grandma Ruby & Me


“Dorothy has that thing that cannot be taught, that must simply be possessed, a voice of her own. Witty, wise, ironic when irony is called for – this is a voice that deserves, even needs to be heard. She is a gifted storyteller who understands how to pull a reader in and keep that reader transfixed. She has stories to tell, things to say and insights to share.” 

-Alice Orr, No More Rejections 


“Feel lifted up, embraced, inspired and entertained. Dorothy brings the fully winged force of her love for life, for the written and spoken word to every moment.” -Leiah Rubin Bowden 


“Dorothy Randall Gray takes you on a trip down nostalgia street to the very heart of what a woman dreams.” -Jack Bowman 

Collage Created in WWAM Workshop Wins First Prize

Thank you for the wonderful workshop. I took home the "altar" piece I made in her class, did some additions, framed it and entered it in our county senior art show in the Mixed Media category. I won first place which means my piece will go to the state competition!! Wow!  I didn't know I was an artist and your workshop has opened new doors for me. Thank you. 

Love and peace,
Barbara Hall

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L-R: Closing Day Altar, Leslie Neustadt, Felting Materials,  Zita Christian & Dorothy Randall Gray

SHARING THE SAME SKY, Dorothy Randall Gray’s new book of poetry​. Purchase it from her website ​​www.dorothyrandallgray.com or