"Brilliant!" "Such a beautiful book!"

"The writing is superb!" "What a gem!"

"Love the artwork!"

Edited by Dorothy Randall Gray, with selections made by contemporary peers, this

anthology is an exceptional collection of 100 pages, 24 authors and 5 full color works of art. These are works by women who reached into their souls and shared what was found there. These pages hold stories of love lost, denied and fulfilled. Stories of poetic remembrance, passion, pain, mysterious women and the wild unknown. Each work of art tells its own tales.  Order your copy now! $19.95 plus shipping.

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Robin Alpern

Raquel Arrechea

Kittie Bintz

Deborah Bogosian

Pat Carr

Marilyn Zembo Day

Jalyn Merrick DeSunae

Melanie Dyer

Peggy Fisher

Yael Flusberg

Constance Barrio-Garcia

Dorothy Randall Gray

Barbara D. Hall

Zipporah Harris

Donna Henes

Violet Irminger

Jacqueline Johnson

Mary-Ellen Johnson

Karen Leahy

Ethel Lee Miller

Leslie B. Neustadt

Rosette Rubins

Eunice Victoria Scarfe

Myra Shapiro

Susan Wagner