L to R: Kittie Bintz at WomanTree Workshop,    Amber & Kai in a WWAM art intensive,   

                        stellar instructors Susan Tiberghien, Dorothy Randall Gray and Eunice Scarfe.

‚Äč                                                                                                         R: Deborah Singletary - Sacred Bowl Workshop

                                      And you


Dorothy Randall Gray

Ingrid Bruck poems in Plum Tree Tavern  http://theplumtreetavern.blogspot.com

       Mary-Ellen Johnson  "Sea Dream"


Debbie Bogosian "Time To Go Home"

Marilyn Zembo Day, Women Words Founder

Leslie Neustadt

Caits Meissner

Francelise Dawkins

        Imani Tolliver - Word Weaving

The Month of "WWAMay I"

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