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Who Invented Writing

The Person Most Likely To Read A Book

Good Writing vs Talented Writing

With Kindle MatchBook, Amazon Finally Bundles Print and E-Books


NYC Creatives Barter for Medical Services
​“In New York City....Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center allows eligible artists--actors, dancers, musicians, poets, writers, and anyone else making a living through a creative means--to barter their artistic services for doctor visits, lab tests, hospitalizations, emergency care, medical and surgical procedures, dental care, prescriptions, and other hospital services. For each hour of activity, the artist receives 40 credits for health care services. A similar program has been in effect since 2005 at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn." (from "The doctor will swap with you now," Consumer Reports on Health, August 2013) 

Contemporary Artists’ Portraits of Literary Characters
​Which literary characters would you portray?

12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People What do you think?
Does this ring true for you?

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