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You Deserve a Day to Play|

Choose any activity or all of them.       |

Come and play|with us at the beautiful:

Earvin "Magic" Johnson Center                 905 E. El Segundo Blvd, LA 90059

Playing is important to your well being!

-           The Power of Play

"...Playing may be the highest expression

          of our humanity..."

The Importance of Play for Adults

"...Adult play can boost your creativity,

sharpen your sense of humor, and help

you cope better with stress..."

                           The Queen's Room


Black Women's Play Date            

    Renew Your Soul, Restore Your Spirit 

        Saturday, March 4,  10am to 6pm            


      Vision Board for Spring     African Dance Class

                Jazz & Drama Performances

          Poetry Workshop         Sistah Talk Circle  

     Self-Care Session         Author Book Signings     

            Healing Art      Yoga      Spoken Word  

                          Lakeside Meditation 

Retro Time Out: Double Dutch, Jacks, Pickup Stix

                     "Can't Break My Soul" Dance

Treat Yourself To A Day of  Inspiration, Motivation, Sisterhood & Joy!
    Featured Presenters: Love TaShia Asanti, Florence Avognon,

       Gayle Fuhr, Dorothy Randall Gray, Lisa L. Hairringon,

         Estella  Holeman, Eisha A. Mason, Djembe Jan Nicholson,

             Inez Singletary, Ava Square & more

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  Free Lunch, Free Parking & Free Self-Care Booklets

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