Women Writers & Artists Matrix: Spring Workshops
  Saturday, May 21, 2022                                                                                                

                              Dorothy Randall Gray                                                Caits Meisner

Dorothy Randall Gray

      Uprooted: Refugees of the Heart & Home, Part

 Caits Meisner

          Everything In Our Hands: A Sensory Practice Towards Writing Change    

Open Session:    Reading, Art Showing, Publication Sharing
                                     $35.00                                                                                                                               Includes both workshops, open session and
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10:30 am -12:00 pm Uprooted: Refugees of the Heart & Home, Part I
                    Dorothy Randall Gray
  1:00  - 3:00 pm Everything In Our Hands: A Sensory Practice Towards Writing Change
                    Caits Meissner
  3:00  - 4:00 pm Open Session - Share your writing, art and publications
    All times EST - See workshop descriptions and bios below

Workshop Descriptions:
Uprooted: Refugees of the Heart and Home, Part I                                                          
"I believe one carries the shadows, the dreams, fears and the dragons of home under one's skin."   Maya Angelou 
Have you ever been forced to leave your home? As thousands flee embattled streets of Ukraine, and others escape political strife and natural disasters, we will write and explore the myriad realms of displacement - leaving home, losing home and the hope of findinghome again.  As we express this longing for a sense of place we acknowledge others who seek the same. Our uprooted journey can take us through immigrant pasts,  Afghanistan evacuations, Trail of Tears,  Japanese internment, Oklahoma's Black Wall Street , Syria, Somalia and Haiti, urban renewal and eminent domain.  

        Our words can bear witness to a world of 84 million displaced people, 27 million of whom are refugees. Future parts of this uprooted journey take us through immigrant pasts, Afghanistan evacuations, Trail of Tears,  Japanese internment, Oklahoma's Black Wall Street , Syria, Somalia and Haiti, urban renewal and eminent domain.  Inspirations: Suheir Hamad, Bonnie Raitt, Traci Kato-Kiriyama, Usha Akela,  the Beatles,  Elie Wiesel, Jacqueline Woodson, Warsan Shire, Juan Felipe Herrera and Edwidge Dandicat.

Everything In Our Hands: A Sensory Practice towards Writing Change
      Driven by the idea that our work improves when we focus on the art of living, participants will engage the five senses to drop into the abundant present. Utilizing everyday objects, we will practice a series of short, interactive exercises in order to generate a sensory database. This creative play will serve as a word-mine to ultimately create a poetic offering—a potion, an elixir, a salve, a balm—to counter the troubling narratives of our modern world. Doubling down on the concept that everything we need to create change is within reach, our goal will be to generate a pleasure-driven canvas on which to paint a more humane and loving world, starting with the foundation of self.

Dorothy Randall Gray is author of the bestseller, Soul Between the Lines (Avon/Harper Collins), a recent volume of poetry Sharing the Same Sky, and numerous anthology selections.  Her other published works include Muse Blues, Woman, Family, The PassionCollection, and A Taste of Tamarinda. A two year LA Poet-in-Residence Dorothy's  "When I Was A Tree" poetry video [filmed by Skye Ward] was awarded Official Selection by the Film & Poetry Video  Symposium. Her work is also featured in the upcoming Eve Ensler/Aja Monet production, VOICES.

        She is a former board member of the International Women's Writing Guild, NPR commentator, and UNESCO delegate. Populations inspired by her workshops include beginning and seasoned writers, incarcerated youth and adults, and creative aging groups A global activist Dorothy is a Hedgebrook Fellow who has shared the dais with the Dalai Lama, performed poetry in Iceland, danced with tribal boys in India, and boogied with James Baldwin in New York.

Caits Meissner’s poems, comics, essays and curation have appeared in The Creative Independent, The Rumpus, [PANK], Harper’s Bazaar, Adroit, Literary Hub, Split This Rock, Bust Magazine, The Normal School, Hobart, and The Guardian, among others. She spends her days as Director of Prison and Justice Writing at PEN America where she edited The Sentences That Create Us: Crafting A Writer’s Life in Prison (Haymarket Books, January 2022).

Her latest project is Flowers For Linda: A new audiozine (some call it “podcast”) about creative relationship, giving the living their flowers, and the surprising lessons of grief.


Women Writers and Artists Matrix (WWAM) is an association of kindred creative women dedicated to shifting the paradigm through creativity and social activism. We have been meeting the needs of women's creative communities through empowering art and writing retreats, readings, art exhibits and outreach events since  2009.