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How Pictures Heal: Writing From Your Photo Stream
A Multigenre Writing Workshop
Kelly DuMar

In the midst of our shifting daily realities, I believe this one experience remains a constant: We all take and treasure photographs of the people, places and things that bring meaning and beauty into our lives. If we have access to a cell phone or a camera, we are snapping images that inspire, comfort, stimulate mystify and delight us. We store archives of countless images that evoke memories and mysteries. Your personal photos are whispering to you–they have deeper stories to tell. Your photos hold the stories only you can write. In this workshop, you will approach your photos with an artist’s perception and awareness of powerful hidden meanings worthy of development into writing in any genre. Writing from yourphotos allows you to express the truth of what you feel - and know - and haven’t said, as you capture the beauty and deeper meaning of an image to bring healing to wounded feelings. Bring a photo to write from. I will also offer photos that may inspire or invite you.

Ars Lifetica: Navigating the “I” in the Poetic World
Cynthia Manick

We’ve all heard of Ars Poetica, the way of examining or meditating on the art of poetry. But let’s go beyond that by exploring the way the “I” responds to the world in poetry. How does the creative work and environment feed you? As women, we are mapmakers and serve as sisters, wives, mothers, breadwinners, and more. In this workshop, we’ll discover ways the “I” can excel in poetry among all these demands and how it persists when the world is in flux or turmoil. 

Woven Words: A Poetry and Collage Workshop
Imani Tolliver

Participants will be guided through a poetry exercise then transform their poems into a woven collage art piece. Appropriate for all creatives (novice, moderate, accomplished), the workshop will begin with a facilitated poetry exercise that focuses on empathy and compassion. Once the poems have been written, students will cut their poems into strips of paper. They will then weave the strips together, adding additional materials, creating unique and colorful patterns. The completed art piece will serve as a metaphor for reality; that all beings are interconnected in beautiful and profound ways. All required materials are commonplace items; participants are encouraged to utilize repurpose materials; old magazines, t-shirts, etc

Essential supplies
Writing paper
Various other paper (construction, tissue, craft, old magazines, etc)
Glue stick
Supplementary Supplies
Ephemera (fabric, old t-shirts, yarn, string, embroidery thread
Paint & Brushes (watercolor or acrylic)
Paper (various; old magazines, construction/tissue/craft paper)
Ephemera (fabric, old t-shirts, yarn, string)
Markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens
You'll need something to write with, paper, scissors, and glue (or adhesive tape).

 Supplementary items like these are fun (but not necessary - you know how we do...the sky is the limit.)

Critique Circle :  Dorothy Randall Gray & Georgia Popoff

Mistress of Ceremonies: Leslie B. Neustadt


Kelly DuMar is a poet, playwright, and workshop facilitator from Boston. She’s the author of three poetry chapbooks, and her poems and photos are published in many literary journals. She serves on the Board of the International Women’s Writing Guild and produces the Bi-Monthly Open Mic. She blogs her daily nature photos & creative writing at kellydumar.com/blog
Boston, Massachusetts
[Website] kellydumar.com
Contact me on Twitter and Instagram

Cynthia Manick poet, storyteller,  editor  and curatori s the author of Blue Hallelujahs (Black Lawrence Press, 2016) and editor of Soul Sister Revue: A Poetry Compilation (Jamii Publishing, 2019) and The Future of Black: Afrofuturism, Black Comics, and Superhero Poetry (Blair Publishing, forthcoming 2021). She has received fellowships from Cave Canem, Hedgebrook, MacDowell Colony, and Château de la Napoule among others.  

     Winner of the Lascaux Prize in Collected Poetry, Manick was also awarded Honorable Mention for the 2019 Furious Flower Poetry Prize. She is Founder of the reading series Soul Sister Revue; and her poem "Things I Carry Into the World" was made into a film by Motionpoems, an organization dedicated to video poetry, and has debuted on Tidal for National Poetry Month. 

     A performer at literary festivals, libraries, universities, and most recently the Brooklyn Museum, Manick’s work has appeared in the Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day Series, Callaloo, Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB), The Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere. She currently serves on the board of the International Women’s Writing Guild and the editorial board of Alice James Books.

Imani Tolliver (she/her) is an award-winning poet, artist, educator, public speaker, event producer and author of Runaway.An interdisciplinary artist, she is a collagist and watercolorist.
     She is a graduate of Howard University, a Cave Canem Fellow and served as Poet Laureate for the Watts Towers Arts Center. She has also been recognized by the City of Los Angeles for her work as a promoter, host, and publicist in support of the literary arts in Southern California.
     Rooted in social justice, Imani has curated and produced a wide portfolio of arts and cultural programming that celebrate, reflect, and amplify the voices of diverse communities. These programs have included art festivals, poetry readings, slams, concerts, youth theatre, community theatre, and special events for large municipalities in Southern California.

Dorothy Randall Gray 
       Bestselling author and global activist Dorothy is author of the bestseller Soul Between The Lines: Freeing Your Creative Spirit Through Writing  (Avon/HarperCollins.) Muse Blues, Woman, Fierce With Reality, Family, The Passion Collection, A Taste of Tamarinda, and her latest volume of poetry, Sharing The Same Sky. Her writings have also appeared in many anthologies and periodicals. A storyteller, award-winning silversmith and visual artist Dorothy was designated LA Poet-in-Residence by the LA Dept. of Cultural Affairs. Her art work has been commissioned by LA's City Hall, is in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and has been exhibited at the Autry as well as

El Cerrito College. 

      Dorothy has shared the dais with the Dalai Lama in India, was a featured poet in Iceland, danced with tribal boys in the hills of Kerala, India, and boogeyed with James Baldwin in New York City. She has enthralled audiences from Brooklyn to Bombay at numerous venues - the renowned Nuyorican Poets Café, the World Stage, Women’s Studies Association, Columbia University and Carnegie Mellon Institute. Her organization, the Heartland Institute for Transformation, is dedicated to utilizing the arts for global healing, social change, and personal empowerment. Under its banner she has provided educational materials to African schools, facilitated writing workshops on Skid Row and for veterans, incarcerated juvenile and adult populations, post graduate students and professional authors.
         Former New York University faculty, special delegate to the United Nations, and  National Public Radio commentator she believes in changing the world one word at a time and living fierce with reality.  DorothyRandallGray.com

Georgia Popoff
     Georgia is an editorial consultant, book coach, and educator in Syracuse, NY. As a creative writer, her fourth poetry collection, Psychometry, was released by Tiger Bark Press in late 2019, and was a finalist in Utica College’s 2021 Eugene Paul Nassar Poetry Prize. She was recently awarded the 2021 Vinnie Ream Prize in Letters by the National League of American Pen Women.
     She is coauthor of Our Difficult Sunlight: A Guide to Poetry, Literacy, & Social Justice in Classroom & Community (Teachers & Writers Collaborative, 2011, finalist for 2012 NAACP Image Award), and co-editor of The Whiskey of Our Discontent: Gwendolyn Brooks as Conscience and Change Agent (Haymarket Books, 2017), a collection of critical & creative essays to mark the centennial anniversary of Ms. Brooks’s birth. The book was awarded the 2017 Central NY Book Award for Nonfiction and was a finalist for the Chicago Review of Books nonfiction award that year.

     Currently, she is Workshops Coordinator for the YMCA of Central New York’s Downtown Writers Center, where she also teaches. With a background in technical writing/editing and advertising, she is also skilled in public relations and social media communications.
     For more information, visit www.georgiapopoff.com and www.poetshappydance.com.

Leslie B. Neustadt

       Leslie was born in Poughkeepsie, New York. She received her B.A. in History from the University of Rochester and her J.D. from Temple University School of Law in 1976. A former Assistant Attorney General for the state of New York, she retired from that office following a long and rewarding career. She began writing in the warm embrace of womanwords, a peer writing group founded by Marilyn Day in the Capital Region of New York.

       A board member of the International Women’s Writers Guild and the Hudson Valley Writers Guild, Leslie created an award winning Community of Jewish Writers reading series in the Capital Region. Pursuing a wide range of expressive arts and holistic practices as part of her healing journey, her work is illuminated by her Jewish background. Her poems explore the challenges she’s faced living with serious health problems including a rare form of incurable blood cancer and amyloidosis, as well as other chronic illnesses. She writes openly about her experiences as an incest survivor.

       Her poems and essays have appeared in a variety of literary journals and publications including Akros ReviewCure, Cylamens and Swords, Found Poetry Review, Jewish Women’s Literary Annual, Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review, Poetica, and Workers Write: Tales from the Courtroom. She has been published in several anthologies including Peer Glass (Hudson Valley Writers Guild), Mentor’s Bouquet (Finishing Line Press), The Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry (Bloomsbury Press),and the forthcoming anthology Veils, Halos and Shackles: International Poetry on the Abuse and Oppression of Women.
       She continues to find inspiration and solace through her writing and artwork, giving voice to her experiences as a woman, daughter, wife, mother, patient and survivor.