WWAM's Springing Forth with Fierceness Retreat

May 4-6, 2018

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY


Stacy de Britz - Mixed Media Collage

Marea Gordett - Polishing The Pearls, A Memoir Workshop

Dorothy Randall Gray - Succulent Storytelling: Women Writing

                                                          Beyond Definitions

Community Creatives - ArtPlayShop Open Studio

Enjoy Our Wonderful WWAM Retreat Features:

     Small Intimate Classes

     2.5 Hour Workshop Intensives

     Six Course Dinner Party 

     Morning Meditation

     Evening Readings

     Wine & Cheese Reception

     Networking Lunch

     Open Studio- book crafting, doll making, watercolor, yarn painting, etc

     WWAMarketplace for Books, Artwork, Crafts, Etc

     Complimentary Gifts & More

                     Weekend $250.00
                        Saturday Only $125.00
                        Sunday Only $110.00
                        Dinner Salon Only $35.00

        Mixed-Media Collage Workshop: Stacy de Britz
Explore the historical origin of collage and learn how to take this medium beyond pasting and paper. Through discussion and demonstration you will develop a rich background surface, create the illusion of space, play with scale, successfully move the viewer’s eye through your composition and delve into additional mixed-media materials. Gesso, acrylic paint and a multitude of drawing tools will be introduced and available for creating your masterpiece. Participants at all levels of artistic experience wil be successful with this project. Please bring a pair of scissors. ($10.00 materials fee)


       Polishing The Pearls, A Memoir Workshop:  Marea Gordett
Hidden within you are the stories you have always wanted to write. These two non-fiction writing workshops are open to all who wish to pursue their own personal narrative, regardless of their level of writing experience. You have a unique way to tell your own story, and you will have a chance to mine the memories of your life, drawing inspiration from imagery exercises, photographs, free-writing, and found objects. We will gently support each other’s growth in this endeavor to generate memoir pieces, share writing, and sharpen or enlarge your work. Your voice is important. Let it be heard.

       Succulent Storytelling: Women Writing Beyond Definitions -

                                                                                       Dorothy Randall Gray
       Your stories have the power to heal, transform, ignite and enlighten. How do you tell the stories inside you? How do you craft the poems that call you? What memories awaken your sleep and whisper to you in the night? What do you name the writings you do? Call them poem or polemic, fiction, fragment, memoir or magic - all your voices are welcomed and invited into this intimate circle of women.
        Know that you are beyond definition, a vessel of the radical divine. In these workshops you will seduce your writings onto the page with evocative prompts, stimulating handouts, enticing music and juicy feedback. You will witness the power of your words as you share and shape your work in a safe, creative space of acceptance and guidance.  No matter how long you’ve been writing or what you desire to create, this soul-centered workshop is for you. Bring your work, blank pages to fill, and all of your willing selves. Come, the world is waiting for you.




Stacy de Britz

Stacy is a mixed-media artist, teacher and poet working in the Capital district of New York. She appropriates and juxtaposes seemingly disparate images, the sacred and the profane, to expose their aesthetic similarities and archetypal natures. She is exploring the recurrence of images and their historic cyclical patterns, while responding to the explosion and saturation of imagery in our technological and social media obsessed society. DeBritz is fascinated with the images that manage to creep beyond our screens and whether they are clarifying or clouding our innate ability to delve into the collective unconscious.

Marea Gordett
Marea  taught creative and expository writing in the English department of Tufts University for many years. She published a book of poetry entitled Freeze Tag with Wesleyan University Press, and she was a winner of a Pushcart Prize, the "Discovery"/The Nation award, and the Hearst Prize from The North American Review. Her poems have appeared in Ploughshares, The Antioch Review, The Georgia Review, College English, and The Seattle Review among other literary magazines. She currently teaches memoir classes and owns and directs Big Mind Learning, an educational company in the Capital District.

Dorothy Randall Gray
Dorothy  is a bestselling author, award winning artist and popular speaker. She is a Hedgebrook Fellow, board member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, and executive director of Women Writers and Artists Matrix. Her poetry, fiction and nonfiction publications include the bestseller Soul Between the Lines, Muse Blues, Woman, Fierce with Reality, Family, The Passion Collection, A Taste of Tamarinda, and Sharing the Same Sky. A global activist, Dorothy has shared the dais with the Dalai Lama, served as a UNESCO delegate, was a featured poet in Reykyavík, Iceland, danced with tribal boys in India and boogeyed with James Baldwin in NYC.