June Gould, Ph.D
            June is the author of The Writer in All of  Us: Improving Your Writing through Childhood Memories, EP Dutton; Beyond the Margins: Rethinking the Art and Craft of Writing; co -author of a book of  Holocaust poetry, Counting the Stones and author of the novel In the Shadow of Trains. June has given readings at The 92nd Street Y (NY), The Holocaust Museum
(Washington, DC) the Jewish Museum and Yeshiva Museums (NY) and at libraries, synagogues, churches, universities and bookstores throughout the USA, and in Greece and Canada.
     She has been an IWWG workshop leader for over 25 years. She gives on-going Advanced Writing Workshops in New York City at Poets House and Advanced weekend writing conferences at the Guest House, Chester, CT. June also facilitates and leads book groups. She has published poetry in numerous journals including the Jewish Women’s Literary Annual.

Ivy Anderson Hylton, Ph.D
     In addition to being an author of Sound Vibronics, reflexologist, holistic psychotherapist, Reiki master and vibrational sonic healer, Ivy is also a recording artist, yoga nidra instructor and lyric soprano who has been described as having “a distinct voice of an angel.” Her lineage can
be traced back to the great contralto Marian Anderson whose music help raised the consciousness of a nation and break the color barrier at the NY Metropolitan Opera.
     Ivy sings vibrational meditations to inspire love and compassion and to heal the heart, mind and spirit. She brings an intimate ethereal experience of soul stirring sounds using unique crystal bowls and blending Nubian Age meditation, sacred, world and classical elements. These manifest a body of penetrating sound waves, chants and angelic messages designed to create heaven on earth and usher peace into the world.

Leslie Neustadt
     Author, poet, retired attorney, writer and collage artist Leslie’s writings have been published in a wide variety of journals, magazines and anthologies. She donates the entire proceeds of her book, Bearing Fruit, A Poetic Journey, to not-for-profits. She has led workshops on ekphrastic poetry, collage making, and creating beaded jewelry with sacred intent. In conjunction with her art shows Leslie has presented expressive arts workshops for other-abled people.
     Leslie is a member of the International Women Writers Guild and the Hudson Valley Writers Guild and is a enthusiastic participant in WWAM. Her creativity is constantly fed by her passionate love of art and involvement in peer writing groups that serve to enrich her writing life

Ginny Scavuzzo
She believes she was born a creator,  but Ginny says it wasn't until she began painting, that she started connecting the dots ....the dots of her dreams to createbeauty, to express her feelings, and to deepen her spirituality.   Classes, workshops  and retreats have deepened her passion across the genres in watercolors, acrylics, Sumi-e ink painting and alcohol inks. 
            Along with art, quilt designing, and window-box gardening, Ginny daily authors her "Saratoga Grammy" blog which documents her love of life.   Becoming a grandmother has been the best chapter in her life and
her blog illuminates this precious connection between generations. At the end of each year,  every book goes to print providing a permanent legacy for her children and grandchildren.
     It became clear to Ginny very early that creative art is meditative and prayerful.  Today she sees the true benefits of art as it relates to health and well-being, and is hopeful that by sharing our gifts, we can bring love and light to the world one brushstroke, one color, at a time.


WWAM's Awesome 8th Anniversary Retreat

November 3-5, 2017

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY


June S. Gould, Ph.D. - Women Writing Beyond Measure

Ivy Anderson Hylton, Ph.D. - Music of the Heart, Sounds of the Soul

Leslie Neustadt - The Word Museum: Exploring Exphrastic Poetry

Ginny Scavuzzo - Harvesting Our Colors with Alcohol Inks

Community Creatives - ArtPlayShop Open Studio

Enjoy Our Wonderful WWAM Retreat Features:

     Small Intimate Classes

     2.5 Hour Workshop Intensives

     Dinner Party Salon with Amejo Amyot, Shamanic Mistress of Ceremonies

     Morning Meditation

     Evening Readings

     Wine & Cheese Reception

     Networking Lunch

     Open Studio

     WWAMarketplace for Books, Artwork, Crafts, Etc

     Complimentary Gifts & More

                     Weekend $250.00
                        Saturday Only $125.00
                        Sunday Only $110.00
                        Dinner Salon Only $35.00


June S. Gould, Ph.D - Women Writing Beyond the Margins
June says, “It takes a long time not to write a poem.” What do souvenirs, collections, miniatures and giants have to do with women writing? How can new and fierce forms like The Golden Shovel, the Ronka, or the Travelers Vade Mecum contribute to deep and important writing? Do you protest? Is there a riot you can imagine joining? This workshop will explore these questions by using  prompts, handouts, quotations, and time for writing.
      To quote Jhumpa Lahiri, “Being a writer means taking the leap from listening to saying ‘listen to me.’” So you will be invited to share your thoughts and writing in an accepting and supportive community.

Ivy Anderson Hylton, Ph.D - Music of the Heart, Sounds of the Soul
     Ivy has created a mindfulness millennial methodology called Sound VibronicsTM It is an innovative process that promotes creativity, wellness, emotional balance and stress reduction by listening to vibrational sound frequencies. Using aromas, visualization, intentional thought and live crystal music participants will be guided into an inner journey of mind and manifestation, intellectual enhancement and spiritual stimulation. Sound VibronicsTM  assists in unlocking hidden blocks that hold us back energetically. Additionally, it guides us into a powerful and significant vibrational healing at higher levels of consciousness. In this field of consciousness we will create, listen to and be fed by sounds emanating from our hearts and

Leslie Neustadt - The Word Museum:  Exploring Ekphrastic Poetry
            Ekphrastic a term used to denote poetry or poetic writing concerning itself with the

                                  visual arts, artistic objects, and/or highly visual scenes.
These workshops take place at the Tang Museum of Art on the Skidmore College campus. Examples of ekphrastic writings will be examined as we use the exhibits to inspire our poetry. The current exhibits offer fertile ground for poem making. The Other Side: Art, Object, Self“explores interconnections and elusive boundaries between concepts like life and death, seen and unseen, loss and hope, artifice and truth.”  The Predecessors series of Nigerian artist Njideka Akunyili Crosby is also featured. “Her large-scaled paintings have garnered international attention for their investigations into the confluences and fusion of her African upbringing, immigration to America.” An additional exhibit, Birthing Bodies, explores “childbirth through a feminist lens, examining ideas of autonomy, power and liminality.”

We will end by sharing our poems. 

Ginny Scavuzzo -Harvesting Our Colors With Alcohol Inks -
         We are fields of women rife with energy, vitality and love. Our creations are vibrant and beautiful.....just like us. In this workshop we will use Alcohol Inks that capture our vibrancy and vitality with rich colors and intense hues.  Accessible, easy to use and fun to experiment with, Alcohol Inks encourage us to “let it all flow.” We will harvest the bounty of who we are and manifest images like never before. With just a little bit of control and the use of paintbrushes, straws and toothpicks we will create images, abstracts and flowers on tiles. This workshop is great for beginners as well as those who’ve tried inks before. Absolutely no experience is necessary.