L to R: Marea Gordett, Dorothy Randall Gray, Marianne Sadowski, Leslie Neustadt, Antoinette Brim-Bell 

Women Writers and Artists Matrix  Autumn Weekend 2020

                             Friday, November 6- Sunday, November 8                                                              Zoom With WWAM & Celebrate Our 11th Year!                                                            

                   The Poem as Self Portrait - Antoinette Brim-Bell                                                              The Art of Notan - Marianne Sadowski                                                                                 Writing On The Edge -A Class on Memoir Writing - Marea Gordett

         Bodacious Book Making - Dorothy Randall Gray & Leslie Neustadt

              WWAM Art Kits: Book Crafting Tools, Exquisite Printed Handmade Shizen Papers                   & Assorted Sheets,  Accordian Forms, Collage Supplies, Surprises & More!

             Friday Night Dinner Salon w/ Intimate Conversation & Dancing w/ Pets

​                      1.5 Hour Morning & Afternoon Workshops

$30.00 per class   3 Classes $85.00   Full Weekend $110.00 incl. Free Art Kit

                                               WWAM Art Kits ($10.00)


                                            Notan Art

                                                                    Notan Art Samples

SCHEDULE  [All times EST]

Friday, November 6, 6-8:00pm Dinner Salon: FREE!

                  We'll use small group break-out rooms to share how 2020 has affected your creative life, then set goals for the future and dance them into reality!

Bring your pets so they can join the dance!

Saturday, November 7

                    11-12:30pm Writing On The Edge - Memoir, Marea Gordett

                    2-3:30pm The Art of Notan, Marianne Sadowski

                    4-5:00pm Share readings and art

Sunday, November 8

                    11-12:30 Bodacious Book Making, Dorothy Randall Gray & Leslie Neustadt 

                  2-3:30 The Poem As Self-Portrait, Antoinette Brim-Bell

                    4-5:00 Share readings and art, Closing Ceremony

Weekend WWAM: 4 Workshops w/ Free Art Kit $110.00 

3 Workshop WWAM  (Indicate preferences) $85.00

Writing on the Edge - Memoir $30.00

Poem As Self-Portrait $30.00

Art of Notan $30.00

Bodacious Book Making $30.00


Art Kit $10.00  (free with Weekend WWAM)                   

Free Shipping by Priority Mail w/ art workshop registration

Checks: Please make payable to Heartland Institute & mail to:

                    WWAM, P.O. Box 2494, Wilton, NY 12831

     Program Coordinator, Deborah Bogosian - 845.661.7625  

     Assistant Coordinator, Zipporah Harris

     Executive Director, Dorothy Randall Gray

     Email: WriteArtMatrix@aol.com      WWAM Line: 518.557.7307

Women Writers & Artists Matrix (WWAM) is an activist association of kindred creative women    

                            dedicated to shifting the paradigm through words and images.